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5th May 2016

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Known locally as ‘God’s own country’, the county of Yorkshire is home to rolling hills, rugged moorland and a wealth of National Parks and nature reserves. With such a strong history and heritage in the heart of Yorkshire, it’s no surprise that Somnus places great value on protecting the natural environment.

While the premier bed maker has always championed artisan manufacturing processes for their superior quality, and natural fillings for their breathability and support, the company’s commitment to environmental issues has, if anything, strengthened over the 175-plus years it has been in business.

Anyone who cares about the environment can rest assured that every Somnus bed is created in line with the company’s ethos of minimal environmental impact and a low carbon footprint.

To this end, Somnus has established its own farm within 20 miles of the factory where all of its handmade beds are crafted. Here, a flock of Suffolk, Mule, Zwartbles and Texel sheep provide resilient Yorkshire eco-wool, bound for mattress fillings. Other wool is sourced from British flocks, cutting down carbon emissions from transporting wool from abroad.

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Stretching out from the hub of the farm are arable fields growing crops destined for both mattress fillings and animal feed. These include fast-growing hemp and eco-friendly flax – both sustainable options, cultivated without the use of pesticides. As well as being biodegradable and recyclable, hemp takes in carbon dioxide at a faster pace than many other crops, a beneficial attribute in the fight against the effects of climate change.

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Because there are many ways to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment, Somnus has also invested significant time and energy into harnessing new technology to drive efficiencies.

An innovative approach to spring manufacture has led to the in-house development of the award-winning Sensa Intelligent pocket spring system. Manufactured on machinery designed and built in the Somnus factory, Sensa Intelligent springs use a specially developed thinner wire coil, which reduces the amount of raw material required without compromising on support.

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As a founder member of The Sleep Council, Somnus supports the organisation’s aims of improving the quality of the nation’s sleep. This includes promoting the benefits of a supportive mattress for health and wellbeing, and recommending that we change our mattress at the end of its useful life, or around every seven years.

To this end, Somnus has been working hard on initiatives that will make its mattresses fully recyclable at end of life – the only UK bed manufacturer to commit to and work towards this principle.

While those enjoying a restful night’s sleep on a Somnus bed may not be aware of the company’s environmental credentials, they have been recognised by the most prestigious British business awards. In 2013, Somnus was the proud recipient of not one but two Queen’s Awards for Industry, in the categories of Sustainability and Innovation – the first bed manufacturer to be awarded either accolade.