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How To Clean A Mattress

22nd June 2021

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Your mattress goes through a lot in its lifetime, so it’s important to make sure you know how to clean it properly. If your bed is in need of some care, there’s no better time to learn how to keep your mattress in tip-top condition using just a few household items.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to clean your mattress, get rid of particularly stubborn stains and protect it between cleans.

Why Clean Your Mattress?

You should aim to clean your mattress every couple of months to ensure you’re getting the very best out of it. As creepy as it is to think about, your mattress is likely to be a secret hangout for dust mites, dead skin, dirt and other debris, which can all be irritating, especially if you suffer from allergies.

It is also most likely harbouring sweat. Even if you don’t wake up particularly sticky and sweaty, it’s something that we all do at night, and unfortunately it has nowhere else to go but straight into our bedding and mattress.

Regular cleaning can actually extend your mattress’ lifespan, but make sure you know the difference between your mattress needing a clean, and it needing to be replaced. Keeping it for longer than the recommended eight years can bring on a whole host of problems and, most importantly, an old mattress won’t be giving your body the support it needs.

How To Clean A Mattress why clean it

How To Clean Your Mattress

Remove dust from your mattress every few months using a soft brush. If your mattress contains natural fillings, never use a vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a specific mattress attachment, vacuuming can displace the natural filling and pull the fibres through the fabric.

To deep clean a pocket sprung mattress you’ll need:

  • Gentle, bleach-free and unscented laundry powder or washing up liquid
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • A clothes brush or similar
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Cold water

Step-by-step guide for cleaning a mattress:

  1. Completely strip and wash all bedding
  2. Closely check your mattress for any stains or damage
    This will help you understand which areas you should take the most care and attention around when cleaning.
  3. Blot stains with laundry powder/washing up liquid and water
  4. Apply bicarbonate of soda
    Sprinkle a thin layer across the whole mattress - this will neutralise any odour. Leave it for a few hours and then brush it off the mattress thoroughly to remove.
  5. Flip mattress and repeat
  6. Leave to dry completely
  7. Remake the bed
    Once the process is complete and your bedding is dry, remake your fresh, clean bed ready for a dreamy night’s sleep.

You can clean any Harrison Spinks mattress using the above method.

How To Remove Mattress Stains

No matter how often you clean your mattress, accidents happen, and there could be some particularly stubborn stains that you struggle to get rid of. But they don’t need to ruin your mattress.

Any spillages should be absorbed right away using a dry cloth or paper towels.

See how to remove some common stains below:

How To Clean A Mattress Remove Stains

How to remove urine stains from a mattress

  1. Strip the bed and put all bedding in the washing machine as quickly as possible.
  2. If you catch the accident quickly, gently blot the damp areas with paper towels to soak up as much liquid as possible. Do not rub, as this could push the urine further into the mattress.
  3. Mix a couple of teaspoons of laundry powder in a cup of warm water and pour or spray onto all of the stained areas of the mattress. You can also use a solution of equal parts warm water and white vinegar.
  4. Once the cleaning solution has been applied, gently blot the areas again using clean paper towels or a clean sponge.
  5. Remove any remaining moisture and urine smell with bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the whole mattress and leave for a few hours to dry completely. Once the mattress has dried, brush the mattress thoroughly to remove all of the bicarbonate of soda.
How to clean a mattress brush clean

How to remove blood stains from a mattress

  1. Strip the bed and put all bedding in the washing machine.
  2. Dampen a cloth or paper towels with cold water and gently blot the stain. Do not rub, as this can push the blood further into the mattress. Do not use hot water either, as this will ‘cook’ the blood and make the stain set in.
  3. Mix one part bicarbonate of soda with two parts cold water and apply to the stained areas of the mattress. Let it sit for around 30 minutes, and rinse by gently blotting with a clean damp cloth. Do not use too much water, just enough to lift the bicarbonate of soda mixture from the mattress.
  4. Leave to dry completely.

How to remove tea and coffee stains from a mattress

  1. Strip the bed and put all bedding in the washing machine.
  2. Use a dry cloth or paper towels to absorb any liquid as quickly as possible.
  3. Dampen a cloth or paper towel with warm water and gently blot the stain.
  4. Mix bleach-free laundry powder or washing liquid with warm water and apply to the stains using a cloth. Gently blot the stain again to remove.
  5. For bad stains, or if your tea or coffee had milk in it, apply the laundry powder and water solution and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  6. Blot again with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel to remove the cleaning solution.
  7. Leave to dry completely.
How to clean a mattress gently dab with a cloth

How To Protect Your Mattress

Using a mattress protector can help keep your bed fresh and clean between washes and can even prolong the life of your mattress, keeping it feeling newer for longer.

Mattress protectors are waterproof, easy to apply and can be taken off and cleaned when needed, often without much effort in a domestic washing machine.

Rotating and flipping your mattress can also be a great method of protection on a more long-term basis. Rotating and flipping can prevent one area becoming particularly damaged, so make sure you follow the instructions for your particular mattress. However, not every mattress should be flipped upside down. If you can’t remember whether yours is a flip or turn, contact your retailer to find out.

How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

Because of the difference in material, cleaning a memory foam mattress can be intimidating. In reality, the needs of a foam mattress and a sprung mattress are not too different.

The main things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning a foam mattress are:

  • Use water sparingly. You shouldn’t use too much water when cleaning any mattress in water, but this is especially important for memory foam.
  • Don’t put memory foam in the washing machine. This applies to mattress toppers, rather than the mattress itself, but do not put it in the washing machine, or you could end up with lumpy foam. However many foam mattresses do come with a machine washable cover.

Step-by-step guide for cleaning a memory foam mattress

  1. Completely strip and wash all bedding
    If your mattress has a machine washable cover, remove and wash this as well.
  2. Blot stains with laundry powder/washing up liquid and lukewarm water
    Do not scrub your foam mattress. To avoid using too much water, you may want to use a spray bottle to spritz the soapy water onto target areas. You can also use equal parts water and white vinegar.
  3. Apply bicarbonate of soda
    To remove any odours, sprinkle a thin layer of bicarbonate of soda across the mattress. Leave for a few hours and brush it off the mattress gently, but thoroughly.
  4. Leave to dry completely

We spend over a third of our lives in bed, so it’s really important to look after your mattress with regular cleaning, and taking the necessary steps to protect it.

Remember to replace your mattress every eight years to ensure your mattress is hygienic, comfortable, and that your body is as supported as it needs to be. We know that choosing a new mattress can seem a daunting task, so visit our blog for advice on finding the right one for you.