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Sleep cool over summer

10th August 2016

Slumber Centre

Getting your unspoiled night’s sleep is not always easy, and with summer well and truly upon us, changes in outside temperatures have been proven to influence how well we sleep. Feeling hot and sticky is not only physically uncomfortable, it can also prevent your body from drifting into a deep sleep and hinder the good hormones released in deeper stages of rest. Therefore it is key you and your bedroom keep cool. So with the help of 5 simple and easy steps, it is time to perfect the art of getting a good night’s sleep during these hot summer nights.

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Prepping your room

Preparing your room for a cool summer’s night sleep is vital to sleeping easy. Keeping your curtains and windows closed during the day will keep the sunlight rays out of your room – and having them open wide during the night will help the cool air circulate around your room.

Drink, drink, drink

Your body needs fluid to get you through the hot summer night; having a glass of water before you go to bed will ensure your body is hydrated for your sleep, also keep a glass next to your bed in case you wake up in the night feeling dehydrated and thirsty.

Perfect bed components

Choosing the right bed components is vital; your choice of mattress and bedding will affect the temperature of your bed and so be wise about the materials you decide to dress your bed with. Choosing sheets of natural fabric, such as cotton and linen retain the least heat and so are best for keeping cool on a hot summer’s night.

Your choice of mattress is essential. Here at Harrison, our seasonal turn mattresses benefit from the natural properties of our luxurious fillings, and have two different sleeping surfaces, ensuring you are the right temperature all year round. With warm winter wool blends on one sleeping surface and cool for summer cotton blends on the other, simply turning your mattress over at the change of the season will get you a better night’s sleep.


Unplug at night – gadgets and other small appliances give off heat, even when they are turned off. To reduce the total heat in the house keep plugs out of sockets when the appliances are not being used, this will small action will help keep your room temperature that little bit lower at night.

Cool off

Taking a cool shower before you go to bed will bring down your core body temperature, setting you up feeling cool and clean for your night’s sleep ahead. If you don’t have time for a cool shower, try running your wrists under cold running water for a while – as this has a similar cooling effect on the whole of your body.

These are just a few steps in staying cool during these hot summer nights. Getting a good night’s sleep is important all year round, so don’t let the rise in temperate give rise to a bad night’s sleep. To find out more on staying cool with a Harrison seasonal turn mattress visit Our Beds and Mattresses.