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Sleep Tech: Five Gadgets That Could Improve Your Sleep

10th October 2019

Slumber Centre

At Harrison Spinks, we’ve been inventors and innovators of a great night’s sleep since 1840. We certainly know a thing or two about developing the best in comfort technology, and while a good mattress is the first thing we’d recommend, we’re taking a look at some of the latest gadgets that could complement your mattress to help you get the most out of your slumber.

1. Dreem Headband

Dreem Headband

The Dreem is a wearable headband that promises not just to track your sleep, but also improve it. It works by detecting your sleep stages using 6 sensors, drawing on polysomnography (PSG) techniques to offer ultra-precise results that mirror those achieved in a sleep lab. EEG sensors, a pulse oximeter and a 3D accelerometer come together to monitor and record brain activity, heart rate and oxygen, as well as movement and breathing, allowing you to track your results in real-time within the app. Vibrations are passed through two bone conduction transducers as opposed to headphones, offering sound stimulation and audio signals which synchronize with your brainwaves. The features boast not only the benefits of improved sleep, but improved focus, alertness, memory, and performance too.

2. Fitbit Smart Watch

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Chances are you already know how beneficial a Fitbit can be for monitoring physical activity, from the number of calories burned to the steps you’ve taken and distance traversed. But did you know that this wearable gadget can also help you to get the most out of your sleep?

With Auto Sleep Tracking features, your Fitbit can help you monitor how much you sleep and make better choices. By wearing a Fitbit tracker overnight, you can automatically record your sleep, then review sleep duration and more within the app. Your Fitbit can also wake you more peacefully, allowing you to set a silent alarm which prompts the tracker to wake you up with a quiet vibration, so you can wave good bye to your noisy alarm clock.

3. Aura Connected Alarm Clock By Withings

Aura Alarm

This smart alarm clock features a built in bedside light and speaker, whilst also offering optional advanced sleep tracking. When paired with the sensor accessory, the Aura transforms into a total sleep system that promotes sleep through a scientifically-proven programme of light and sound, using red light to lull you to sleep and blue light to promote wakefulness. The bedside device will also help you to optimise your sleeping environment by using sensor technology to note the temperature, noise and light levels while you sleep, allowing you to identify and make changes to suit your slumber. The inbuilt smart alarm also carefully monitors your sleep cycle information, utilising this in order to peacefully wake you during your lightest period of sleep.

4. S+ Personal Sleep Sensor By ResMed

Res Med S Wireless Sleep Monitor 759x500

The S+ by ResMed reliably records the light, noise and temperature conditions in your bedroom, as well as using software algorithms to recognise your combinations of respiration and body-movement signals in order to provide an overall assessment of sleep state. The device syncs with your smartphone to deliver a sleep summary and tailored suggestions on how to achieve your most restful sleep through improvements to your routine and environment. The S+ also includes voice recording and text features to allow you to note your thoughts or tomorrow’s to-do list, so you can go to sleep with a clear, uncluttered mind.

5. Calm Meditation App - Sleep Stories

Calm Sleep Stories

When it comes to clearing a clouded mind and drifting off to sleep, the Calm meditation app could be for you. The app offers guided meditation episodes alongside a Sleep Stories feature that includes a mix of soothing tales, music, sound FX and incredible voice talent to help ease you into slumber. These bed time stories for adults include original tales and childhood classics, offering just the right level of engagement and relaxation, with many users often falling asleep before the end of the tale!

Our passion for innovation means you can always count on us to craft the most comfortable night’s sleep, but if you need a little helping hand drifting off, why not try one of these gadgets and gizmos to bring your bedroom into the 21st century! Who says technology doesn't belong in the bedroom?