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The benefits of a natural mattress

10th July 2015

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Summer is finally here and whilst we are definitely not complaining about the rising temperatures, it can be a bit of a struggle to sleep at night if your mattress is not right for you. Perhaps it’s time to look at a natural mattress?

Light-weight linen and cotton clothing are always favoured over synthetic materials in summer months, due to their superior cooling properties, and these same principles apply to the materials used in your mattress.

All of the mattresses that we produce here at Harrison Spinks contain 100% natural fillings, which not only provide a sumptuous sleeping surface, but also help to naturally regulate body temperature through the night.

Flax: Grown on our farm less than 20 miles away from the factory in Leeds, the flax plant is used to make linen fibres. These are naturally cooling fibres, which keep you comfortable through the night. Flax also has unique anti-bacterial properties, which creates an extremely hygienic sleeping environment.

Cotton: Cotton helps you stay cool throughout the night as it is extremely effective at wicking away the body’s moisture.

Silk: Naturally hypo-allergenic, silk is one of the most effective natural fibres for temperature regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wool: We also raise sheep on our farm, in exchange for their woolly fleeces. Naturally fire retardant, wool means that there is no need for chemicals to be used in any of our beds, and it also helps to regulate body temperature, especially in the cooler months.

These are just a small handful of natural fibres that we use here at Harrison Spinks, and the properties of such materials thus creating a natural mattress will help you to have a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

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