How to make the most out of small bedrooms

23rd November 2017

Beautiful Bedrooms

Modern inner city or suburban life can often mean smaller living spaces, and as a result bedroom space can be tight, especially with guest rooms or spare rooms. With some smart choices however, you can make the most of any sized bedroom. Here at Somnus we advise you to create your own sleep sanctuary in order to get the best night’s sleep that you can have, no matter what size. Here are our top 6 tips to help you make the most of the space in your bedroom.


Wall mirrors can trick the eyes and create the illusion of more space. Mirrored walls effectively double the space in the room from certain angles and reflect plenty of light in, helping to expand the space.

Small Room Img 1

Let as much light in as you can

Keep windows uncluttered and let in as much light as possible. Shutter blinds or roll blinds may be a better choice than curtains to take up less space for when you want some privacy.

Small Room Img 2

White it out

White walls make space look larger by reflecting light, minimalise wall decorations to avoid cluttering and overcrowding wall space. Soft neutral colours and pastels add warmth and reflect a lot of light, making the room appear bigger. If you want to bring a wall closer in a longer room a feature wall can be implemented either through louder/brighter colours or wallpapers.

Small Room Img 3

Have pieces made to measure

If you have a room with awkward proportions it may be best to have furniture made to measure in order for it to fit snuggly into the room such as desks, wardrobes or beds. This way you can transform an awkward crevice into a functional space.

Small Room Img 4

Bespoke Somnus mattresses can be made to any size to suit your individual requirements and our luxury link mattresses make transporting up tight staircases much easier.

Small Room Img 5

Make the most of your storage space

Use your furniture to the best of its ability. Wall to ceiling shelves and wardrobes can provide vital overhead room and under the bed is prime bedroom storage space. With several different options of configuration for drawers available with Somnus deep divan bases there’s plenty of ways to maximise your storage space, from standard full sized drawers to smaller continental drawers.

Small Room Img 6

Take a look at how to create your own Somnus sleep sanctuary here and view our full range of Somnus mattresses here.