Interior Colour Trends 2020

25th February 2020

Beautiful Bedrooms

From pastel hues to deep shades of red and terracotta, discover the interior colour trends we’re expecting to dominate in 2020.

Escape from Reality

Escape From Reality

In the same way that the Art Deco era emerged after WW1 with opulence and extravagant colours, we can see this happening today due to the global climate crisis. Escaping from reality into a colourful, familiar and perfect ‘world’.

Colours that you find comfort and solace in, creating a calming environment you can escape to.

Mixing a range of pastels such as mint, lilac and blush pink with soft to the touch textures.

Hebrides Lewis Dusk
Harrison Spinks - Hebrides Lewis Dusk
Greek Islands Olympia
Harrison Spinks - Greek Islands Olympia
Greek Islands Olive Leaf
Harrison Spinks - Greek Islands Olive Leaf
Greek Islands Aegean
Harrison Spinks - Greek Islands Aegean



As a consequence of globalisation and the political climate, we want to seek greater connectivity to our roots and celebrate our heritage and traditions.

This trend celebrates pride, sharing our heritage with the world, with a contemporary interpretation.

A cultural and aesthetic mix, shown in the contrast of colours and materials, creating a strong visual impact.

From Cuban colour palettes, to Indian inspired furniture, Spanish bathrooms, French antiques and handcrafted colourful linens. This trend is a harmoniously chaotic aesthetic mix.

Seven Wine Red
Somnus - Seven Wine Red
Seven Saffron
Somnus - Seven Saffron
Seven Ocre
Somnus - Seven Ocre
Wool Style Olive
Somnus - Wool Style Olive



With technology advancing so quickly, we are starting to feel disconnected from our surroundings. With the outdoors having an overall positive effect on our health and well-being, we are looking for ways to feel more connected to nature.

Natural pigments are at the heart of this trend, an organic colour palette of earthy, faded tones inspired by clays, aged plaster and earthenware.

A relaxing, calming colour scheme of dusty muted pinks, browns, terracottas, wine reds, mauves, olive and mossy greens. Taking inspiration from our natural surroundings to feel more grounded.

Soft, sandy textured colours that are warm and inviting in vintage shapes are mixed with crafted and artisan style accessories, weathered wood, washed linen, woollen blankets and raw materials with unrefined finishes, layering in added texture with dried flowers.

Italiano Bruno
Harrison Spinks - Italiano Bruno
Naomi Bordeaux
Somnus - Naomi Bordeaux
Sienna Mink
Somnus - Sienna Mink
Seven Dolphin
Somnus - Seven Dolphin



Deep pile textures of heavy weight wool, boucle, soft textured mohair and sheepskin are now becoming staples in the home, taking the autumn and winter novelties all year round.

In warm organic neutral tones instead of cool greys, bringing elements of texture into the home to create a cosy, calming environment. Oatmeal and soft grey shades are key combined with weathered wood, stonewashed linen and hessian.

Wool Style Slate Grey
Somnus - Wool Style Slate Grey
Hebrides Crofters Cottage
Harrison Spinks - Hebrides Crofters Cottage
Luxe Chateau
Harrison Spinks - Lux Chateua
Wool Style Natural
Somnus - Wool Style Natural