Somnus Supremacy Ambassador 30500 Sleep System

Trend watch: amazonia

4th August 2016

Beautiful Bedrooms

Exotic flora and vibrant colour palettes of the tropics; this key interior Amazonia trend for 201617 takes inspiration from the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. This trend the perfect way to forget about the grey miserable winter months and instead escape to a fun, fiesta vibe in one of your rooms.

Embrace this energetic trend by filling your room with tropical textiles, palm prints and setting it against contrasting stripped back wood and bamboo materials.

Amazonia 3 Col

Amazonian and vivid colours, including vibrant reds and yellows are entwined with clashing oranges, greens and purples creating an eruption of colour.

Colour Palette

The Ambassador divan set and Roma headboard in Seven Moss is the ideal way to bring the outside in, adopting the Amazonian trend through the striking green headboard from our Somnus Supremacy Range.

Somnus Supremacy Collection Ambassador 30500 Angle
Somnus Supremacy Collection Ambassador 30500 Front On

We don’t stop at Moss Green headboards, at Somnus we like our customers to be spoiled for choice. From elegant curves and luxurious padding to clean, sharp geometric lines, Somnus headboards will leave you dizzy with choice. To discover more information on the Somnus headboard collection, please visit our Headboards page.