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A new dawn for comfort technology

It all started with a thought. What if we could innovate a ground-breaking spring system that was entirely recyclable yet still offered superior comfort and support? The outcome was Cortec™ our innovative glue-free Eco-Spring™ system. 

The Ultimate in Core Support

Our advanced Cortec™ core pocket springs provide the ultimate in stability, durability and luxurious support. The absence of glue allows the springs to work individually and contour with accuracy and precision for the ultimate in superior support.

They work in harmony with our pioneering in-house designed Micro springs, adapting to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.

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Protecting the Environment

Cortec™ has been engineered to be 100% recyclable at the end of life. Each individual pocket spring is sonically welded removing the use of glue and making it easier than ever to recycle. Steel and pocket cloth can be recycled time and time again, meaning all of our mattresses support our circular design ethos. 

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Ground-Breaking Innovation

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers continuously work to develop the latest in comfort technology and our continuous investment in spring systems has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world.

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The Last Word in Comfort

Each Eco ‑Spring™ tailors itself to your unique shape, enabling you to maintain the best posture. Our Cortec™ pocket springs offer greater contour accuracy alleviating any pressure points, resulting in the best comfort.

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Pioneering Thought Leadership

We see ourselves as the NASA of the bed world. We don’t just make springs, we make the machines that make our springs. Our award-winning Development Team of engineers design and build all our ultra-fast machines in house at our Innovation Centre.

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Multi-Award Winning 

Our work to develop the latest in comfort technology has been awarded with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation in both 2013 and 2018.

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NBF Recognised

Our Cortec™ Eco-Spring™ system has been awarded for its innovative approach to spring technology. The National Bed Federation awarded Cortec™ with the honour of Component of the year 2019 – 2020.

We never rest because only the very best will do.

NBF Awards 2019

Bed of the Year

In 2020 the Velocity 8750 was awarded the prestigious Bed of the Year accolade at the National Bed Federation Awards. At the core of this mattress is our Cortec™ Quad glue-free Eco-Spring™ system. This model is rolled and is available for next day delivery. To lean more about the Velocity collection click below:

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Which? Best Buy

Our Harrison Spinks Yorkshire Ortho roll up mattress, which contains our Cortec™ Eco-Spring™ system, and is available at Furniture Village, has also been awarded a Which? Best Buy.

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