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Choosing a mattress

  • We all come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and with different comfort preferences, which means there is no such thing as one mattress fits all. For this reason, we make many different types of mattresses to suit many different people. The best way to find the right mattress for you is to find your nearest stockist and seek their expert advice. We spend a lot of time training our stockists in the art of mattress fitting so they will be able to help you choose the right mattress for your needs. You may also want to check out our mattress buying guide here.

  • Pillow Top mattresses are designed to give a more sumptuous feel, a mattress for you to sleep in rather than sleep on. The toppers feature layers of award-winning spring technology and natural fillings to provide support and comfort to create more of a luxurious feel.

    Turn Free mattresses are single sided mattresses with a high spring count close to the sleeping surface offering exceptional comfort and support, the convenience of a Turn Free mattress means there is no need for heavy lifting as the mattress only requires rotating from time to time. 

    Seasonal Turn mattresses feature Warm Side and Cool Side technology to regulate your body temperature all year round. Turn your mattress twice a year with the change of seasons and feel the benefits of the temperature regulating technology, with the insulating layers keeping you warm in winter and the breathable layers keeping you cool in summer.

  • There is a common misconception that if you have a bad back you need a firm mattress but this is totally wrong information! The key to a comfortable night’s sleep is a mattress that is supportive so that the spine can align in a neutral position while you sleep, but you also need a mattress that is soft enough to contour to the shape of your body. The core pocket springs we make for our mattresses come in different firmnesses to ensure you get the right support, and our mini pocket springs contour to your body and are pressure relieving.

  • All Harrison Spinks mattresses are suitable for use on bed frames with a slatted base. The gaps between the slats should not be more than 75mm. If they are, you should consider using a baseboard or under mattress – your retailer can offer further advice

  • Harrison Spinks mattresses can be found in a number of luxury boutique hotels. Each bed is individually made to order and is often unique to a particular hotel. Whilst the exact beds supplied to a hotel may not be available, a similar mattress will be available through one of our retailers who are expertly trained to help fit a mattress to your exact requirements ensuring the perfect amount of comfort and support.

  • Just as technology in cars and televisions has dramatically improved over the decade, so has the technology in our mattresses. For this reason we no longer make old models – the best option is to find your nearest retailer and get fitted for a brand new mattress.

Caring for my mattress

  • Remove dust and fluff from your mattress every few months using a soft brush. Never use a vacuum cleaner, even if you have a specific mattress attachment, as this can displace the natural fillings. Any spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth or paper towels. If you need to sponge the mattress, use a damp cloth and a very mild solution of soap and water.

  • We recommend following our rotating and turning instructions to minimise body impressions. Please note: our mattresses are extremely heavy. If you are unable to rotate and turn your mattress, do not worry, this will not affect the performance of your mattress or guarantee. With continued use, fillings will settle of their own accord; however this will take a considerably longer length of time.

  • We recommend turning or rotating your mattress regularly during the first few months and about twice a year thereafter. A good way to remember is when the clocks change. If you struggle to rotate your mattress, do not worry, this is only a recommendation to help reduce body impressions.

  • In the first instance use clean dry towels or paper towels to absorb any moisture quickly. Clean stains with warm water and a gentle soap cleaner. Make sure you wring out your cloth so that it is as dry as possible. Never use detergents or chemical cleaners as these could damage the mattress fabric surface or the fillings. Do not rub the fabric vigorously as this could damage it. Leave to dry in the open with as much air circulating as possible.

  • Yes you can use standard size sheets for our single, double, king and super king beds. For some mattresses, you may want to opt for the deep sheet option.

  • There are companies online who make bespoke bedding for custom size beds. Try searching ‘custom bed linen’ in google.

  • A mattress protector is recommended to prolong the life of your mattress and to protect it from any spillages or stains. We highly recommend using an under blanket or good quality cotton or wool-faced mattress protector. It’s a good idea to air the mattress regularly too, by leaving duvets folded back for a few hours each day. A waterproof protector may be used but will reduce the benefits of sleeping on a natural mattress surface and may lead to damage through condensation.

  • Avoiding using plastic or waterproof protectors will allow the bed to breathe and will avoid condensation build up. It’s a good idea to air your mattress too by leaving the bed linen folded back for a few hours each day.

Common questions

  • Check the label on the surface of your mattress for the following wording to determine which type of mattress you will be caring for: 

    - Non-turn/rotate only/​single sleeping surface/​pillow top mattress 

    - Turnable/​turn with the seasons/​dual sleeping surface mattress 

    Our non-turn mattresses can also be identified by the use of a non-sleeping surface sticker on the underside. Follow the instructions in our care guide on whether to turn or rotate your mattress.

  • Your mattress contains natural fillings which may have a natural scent. After unwrapping your mattress we recommend that you air it in a well ventilated room for a minimum of two weeks and leave the duvet turned back each day. Any natural scent from the fillings will disappear after a while.

  • Each and every one of our mattresses is handmade to metric dimensions meaning they will naturally vary a little in size. A variation of +/- 2cm is in line with BS1334:1996. During transportation some mattresses may contract, but they will relax to their normal length again after being used for a short while.

  • If you are using your new mattress on your own bed, it’s important that the base is in good condition. The mattress will contour to it, just as it does with your body, so we recommend replacing an old base. If the base is damaged in any way, it could be detrimental to your mattress.

  • The mattress in the store may be up to a few years old and will have been laid on many times and therefore the fillings will have settled.

  • The mattress in the showroom has been tried by many different people so it may take up to 12 weeks for the springs and fillings in your new mattress to adjust to the same feel.

  • As most people sleep in the same position every night, body impressions are a normal feature of handmade mattresses. You may find fillings settle or dip in the area where you sleep which can leave a ridge in the centre of the mattress. Just like the impressions that form on the insole of leather shoes, this is simply your mattress “getting to know you”.

  • Electric blankets can be used in conjunction with all Harrison Spinks mattresses. Please note, if you have purchased a product containing memory foam, heat from electric blankets may change the feel of the mattress.

  • Measure the internal dimensions of the frame. Often bedframes measure imperial whereas our mattresses measure metric.

  • Please contact the retailer where you purchased the bed from. They will deal with your enquiry directly.

  • There are certain regulations in place which mean headboards have to meet a certain specification to be used in a commercial environment such as a hotel or guest house. It is the hotels or guest houses responsibility to meet these regulations, all headboards must comply with Crib 5 (Source 5) fire regulations and the following British Standards; BS EN 5971 (Resistance to smoldering cigarette), BS EN 5972 (Resistance to match flame) and BS 6807 (Flame retardant).

  • All our fabric runs left to right. With the following Harrison headboards the direction of the fabric runs in the same direction as the base; Brenchley, Claverton, Williamsburg, Henley Deep, London Deep, Oxford Deep, Nouveau Deep, Tiffany Deep, Andalucia Deep, Liberty Deep, Courvoisier Deep, Sonnet Strut, Orient Strut, Andalucia Strut, Nouveau Strut and Tiffany Strut.

    With the following Harrison headboards the direction of the fabric runs perpendicular to the base; Mackintosh Deep, Deco Deep, Lalique Deep, Gaudi Deep, Deco Strut and Mackintosh Strut.

  • The tufts in a mattress help ensure the natural fillings inside your mattress stay in place during use. Just as feather duvets often have pockets to keep the even distribution of fillings, our tufts act a little bit like pockets too.

  • Your Harrison Spinks mattress is automatically guaranteed when purchased and your retailer will be able to advise further details. Alternatively you can access the details online here: www​.har​rison​spinks​.co​.uk/​r​e​g​ister.

    In the unlikely event of a defect with the construction or the materials, we will endeavour to repair or replace it free of charge at our discretion during the guarantee period. Please note, it’s normal for our generous layers of natural upholstery to settle over time. We reserve the right to change styles, colours and specification at any time. All claims under the guarantee should be made directly through your retailer.

  • The guarantee is not valid if your mattress is used on a base that is not fit for purpose or in the case of a slatted base where the gap between the slats is greater than 75mm. A base board should be used with a slatted base if the slats are more than 75mm apart.

  • There are certain regulations in place which mean mattresses have to meet a certain specification to be used in a commercial environment such as a hotel or guest house. It is the hotels or guest houses responsibility to meet these regulations, all mattresses must comply with Crib 5 (Source 5) fire regulations and the following British Standards; BS EN 5971 (Resistance to smoldering cigarette), BS EN 5972 (Resistance to match flame) and BS 6807 (Flame retardant).


  • In the unlikely event that a problem should arise you should contact the retailer within 72 hours after delivery.

  • Harrison Spinks luxury mattresses contain world leading pocket spring technology which reduces pressure points and helps make them extremely comfortable but they can be very heavy. Mattress weights can vary between 30 to 100kg depending on the size and model. Your retailer will be able to advise more approximate weights of the mattress you are interested in. Always seek assistance when moving your mattress.

  • When purchasing a headboard, along with mattresses and bases we would always recommend that customers take into account the size of their hallway, staircase and doors and then make an informed decision regarding this. Your stockist can advise on exact sizes of headboards.


  • Yes, you can choose a different fabric to your base fabric if you wish.

  • Unfortunately customers cannot use their own fabric when purchasing a divan base.

  • If you buy your headboard at a different time to your base this is a possibility, when the fabric is dyed each batch can vary in shade ever so slightly, therefore when fabric is taken from a different batch it is possible for shade variation to occur.

  • On headboards as standard the piping comes with the same fabric as the headboard. Some of our Harrison fabric options have a contrast fabric available, please ask in store for details. The following Harrison headboards are able to have a contrast fabric on the piping; Deco Deep, Mackintosh Deep, Nouveau Deep, Tiffany Deep, Lalique Deep, and Gaudi Deep.

Materials & specification

  • British fire safety standards are some of the highest in the world and furniture that is sold in the UK has to pass these strict tests. All our mattresses comply with the British Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety regulations 198889.

  • All items being sold via a retailer will be tested for domestic use only. The overarching legislation we adhere to is 1988 No 1324 The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (inc. Amendments 1989, 1993 and 2010). This is a regulation outlined by the UK government. In order to conform to this legislation headboards have to pass the following British Standards. BS 7177:2008 Specification for Resistance to Ignition of Mattresses, Divans and Bed Bases, this is a safety standard specifying the degree of resistance required and frequency of tests. BS EN 597 parts 1 & 2: 1995 Furniture- Assessment of the Ignitability of Mattress, Upholstered Divans and Upholstered Bed Bases Ignition Sources Smouldering Cigarette and Match Flame Equivalent are the European Standard methods of test. The UK government sets the legislation we have to comply with and we take our advice about the requirements needed to do this from the National Bed Federation.

  • All our mattresses are suitable for people with allergies, as wool is naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Horsehair is produced in a number of ways. Grooming and cutting tails and manes is perfectly harmless for the animal and it grows back just like human hair. Some of our horsehair may come from dead animals too, but this is as a by-product — horses are never killed for the hair that we use.

  • The mohair used in Harrison Spinks mattresses comes from Angora goats, some of which we have on our own farm. It is obtained by shearing done twice a year, very similar to sheep. One goat will produce 5 – 8kg of mohair wool every year. We never use angora rabbit hair.

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