From our family to yours

Family bedmakers since 1840

Family bed makers for over 180 years, Harrison Spinks is a fifth generation family business that today has over 700 employees; from farmers who rear our sheep to craftsmen and women who use time honoured skills to sew, side stitch and tuft each mattress by hand to the highest standards.

Harrison Spinks represents the best in British manufacturing.

We are the True Bedmakers

If you want a job done right, we believe it is best to do it yourself. That’s why we already lead the way in self-sufficient, vertical manufacturing. We design and manufacture 100% of our springs. We also rear sheep and grow natural hemp fibres and linen flax on our 300-acre farm. Investing in state-of-the-art looms and re-igniting the long tradition of weaving in the area, we are the only UK bedmaker to weave FR chemical-free mattress fabric in-house.

We are the world’s most vertically integrated bed manufacturer.