Responsible Innovation

We're changing the way the world sleeps

And that starts by changing how beds are made. Like pioneering new spring technologies to take comfort and support to another level. But more than that.

We’re using our innovative ethos to create better and more responsible ways to make luxurious beds. And we’re committed to being the UK’s most sustainable bed maker.

Meet our Chairman Simon Spinks

Simon Spinks began painting bed legs at Harrison Spinks when he was 11 years old and has always had a passion for manufacturing beds. He officially began working at Harrison Spinks full time in 1989. Simon designed the Millennium Award-winning Revolution® pocket spring, a game changer for the bedding industry.

We couldn’t find springs good enough, so we made our own

Always ambitious, we set our sights on creating a revolutionary spring core that offered not only superior support, but is also capable of being recycled too. After five years of development, Cortec™ was born. The first ever spring system to unite comfort and sustainability seamlessly. 

MicroHD springs. The smallest, lightest springs in the world

Our MicroHD springs aren’t like anything else. Each tiny one sits within its own pocket and uses ground breaking fine wire technology. Thousands of these are combined and layered into each bed to create a unique feel of ultra responsive comfort. Replacing the need for foam, layers of MicroHD springs take comfort and sustainability to another level. They don’t trap heat, moisture or, importantly, don’t need to clog up landfill.

Our award winning MicroHD springs are recyclable at the end of their long and happy life. 

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We don t just make springs, we make the machines that make our springs. Our development team of engineers design and build all our ultra fast machines in house at our Innovation Centre.

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King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Our dedicated work to develop the latest in comfort technology has been awarded with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in both 2013 and 2018 and a King’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2023. We never rest because only the very best will do. 

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Glue Free pocket springs

We don’t glue our pocket springs together, for two good reasons. Glue hardens over time, affecting the springs’ ability to move freely. Plus, it makes it extremely hard to recycle. All our pocket springs are made from just two things. Pocket cloth and British steel. Both are recyclable. 

Tested to Perfection

Every spring, filling and mattress is vigorously tested for efficiency in our in-house testing center located in our Innovation Centre. Ensuring you sleep soundly all night, every night.

Continuous Improvement

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers continuously work to develop the latest in comfort technology and our continuous investment in spring systems has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world.

From our pioneering pocket spring technology to our ultra-fast machinery, we never rest because only the very best will do.

Why are we talking about springs? Why does it matter to your sleep?

Well, to put it simply, more springs mean more comfort. Just as you increase the megapixels on your camera or TV to get a cleaner picture - the more tiny springs you have in a mattress the more they contour to your body to relieve pressure.

When we are lying down, ideal posture can only be achieved when the 33 bones in our spinal column are perfectly aligned. Correct posture is the key to a
good night’s sleep.