Inventors, innovators & passionate perfectionists since 1840

Inventors, innovators & passionate perfectionists since 1840

At Harrison Spinks, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Every day we’re dreaming up new ideas and redefining what best should look like, to ensure you sleep soundly all night, every night; you could say it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Simon Spinks

Simon Spinks began painting bed legs at Harrison Spinks when he was 11 years old and has always had a passion for manufacturing beds. He officially began working at Harrison Spinks full time in 1989. Simon designed the Millennium Award-winning Revolution®pocket spring – a game changer for the bedding industry.


Award-winning Revolution® springs

With a unique and ground-breaking spring-within-a-spring design; the outer spring offering a high degree of comfort while the inner spring delivers a supportive second action for variable levels of support.

Pocket spring

Advanced Micro springs

Designed and manufactured in-house with innovative patented technology our 100% recyclable micro springs provide advanced comfort and industry leading spring counts. Adapting to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.

Micro springs

We don't just invent springs

Creating springs is a fun job, our in-house development team are constantly striving to create a more efficient way for making our springs. So why would we work with someone else's technology?

We develop our own in-house machinery innovating to produce springs with less energy that in turn has a smaller carbon footprint but a greater output, therefore less C02 is created in the production of springs.

Steel rod

Our springs start out as a steel rod, the majority of which comes from British Steel in Scunthorpe UK.

Steel rod

Wire drawing

We use a variety of wire drawing machines that elongate and cold work the rod to increase its tensile strength and ductility. We produce the finest bed wire in the world to create our 4K springs.

Wire drawing

Why are we talking about springs? Why does it matter to your sleep?

Well, to put it simply, more springs mean more comfort. Just as you increase the megapixels on your camera or TV to get a cleaner picture - the more tiny springs you have in a mattress the more they contour to your body to relieve pressure.

When we are lying down, ideal posture can only be achieved when the 33 bonesin our spinal column are perfectly aligned. Correct posture is the key to a
good night’s sleep.

Springs that last

Our development team have created machines that riguously test every part of the springs to ensure a long life span.

Springs that last


Not only do we test our springs we also test every mattress design to enssure the longevity of the mattress.