Handcrafted Quality

Makers of proudly different beds since 1840

Our unique approach to luxury bedmaking makes us different. We believe in making beds the proper way.

It’s why every one of our beds is and has always been, handmade by craftspeople. Each one is a work of art. Every bed is a one-off.

It’s why it can take up to 8 hours for our skilled team to hand-stitch our luxury mattresses. But if you want it done just right, it’s worth the effort.

Beds expertly tailored, just for you

It takes more than years of experience to make each Harrison Spinks bed. It takes a team.

From our experienced designers, springmakers and weavers, to sewers, tufters, side-stitchers and more, our Yorkshire factory blends traditional artisan skills with some 21st century innovations of our own. Our team handcrafts each and every bed, with our hallmark quality and attention to detail. 

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Skilled craftspeople

Our skilled craftsmen and women use traditional bed making techniques, each person developing their skills through a training program before they are able to work on a mattress.

Since 1840

Family bed makers for over 180 years. Our skilled craftsmen and women use traditional bed making techniques to hand sew, side-stitch and tuft every mattress.

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Traditional techniques

Time-honored bed making skills have often been passed from generation to generation resulting in beautiful beds that are of the highest quality. Nothing beats a trained eye and a skilled hand.

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Expert side stitchers

Our expert side stichers spend a minimum of 6 months learning how to side stich, because here in Yorkshire, we believe if there is something that is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

Skilled tape edging

The last step of the mattress manufacturing process is tape edging, a skilled process stitching the top and bottom.

Inside the Factory

In 2019, we featured on BBC2’s Inside the Factory, where Gregg Wallace discovered how to make a Harrison Spinks mattress.

Inside the factory

We don't just make mattresses

From sleek minimal designs that ooze style and sophistication. To handcrafted ottomans that turn practical storage into an art form.

Whatever your idea of a beautiful bed is, our master craftspeople will make it.

Headboard & Divans

Each luxurious Harrison Spinks headboard and divan is made and upholstered by hand in our Yorkshire factory. Made with the same care and commitment to quality as our mattresses, using the finest quality materials, they provide the perfectly stylish setting for the most amazing night’s sleep. 

A fine choice of fabrics

Choose from a variety of stunning designs, upholstered and finished in an array of sumptuous textures and colours. We have a range of over 50 different luxurious fabrics and colour options, so you can tailor your headboard and base to your own individual style.


FSC® certified

All of the wood we use in our headboards and divans is sourced from sustainably managed forests that are FSC® certified.

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Take a trip inside our factory

From growing natural fibres on our farm to drawing our own wire to create our innovative spring technology, vertical integration is at the heart of Harrison Spinks. Take a trip through the Harrison Spinks factory, and discover why we are the True Bedmakers.