Are your customers looking for the ultimate sleep solution?

Harrison Spinks have been tailor making beds for over 178 years, a tradition passed down through our family for generations and the family of the craftspeople who work for us.

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The True Bedmakers

Let us tell you what sets Harrison Spinks apart:

Our focus on 100% natural fillings and innovative spring technology drives us to craft the very best beds. Each one is individually tailored by hand to order to offer you and your customers the ultimate sleeping solution.

Our commitment to constant reinvestment in innovation and vertical integration means that we control almost 100% of the components we use to make our mattresses. From our 300-acre farm where we rear sheep and grow hemp and flax, to our in-house fine wire drawing mill, carding line blending raw materials to unique recipes, state of the art weaving looms and of course our in-house team of development engineers who are constantly looking at the next generation of machines and springs which they design and build on-site at our Leeds factory. All of this has led to Harrison Spinks leading the way in the bedding industry and is often cited as being the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world.

“We invest in innovation to that we can charge a premium for our products and reinvest to continuously innovate. That way we can always offer you and your customers the very best products on the market.”

Simon Spinks, MD

“We only ever make beds that we’re happy to sleep on ourselves”

Ronnie Spinks, 1958

We don’t believe that one mattress fits all and that’s why each and every bed in our ranges contains different types and number of our award-winning patented pocket springs, unique natural fillings blends to give individual feels. Whether it’s seasonal turn, turn-free, pillowtop or a hybrid collection you’re looking to offer in store, our dedicated Area Sales Managers will guide you through the options and help find the offering that’s just right for you.

Harrison Spinks Core Values are translated for our external customers too:


Our customers expect, and receive, luxury, comfort and craftsmanship from our products that they find nowhere else. The hallmark of every Harrison Spinks product delivers outstanding specification and unrivalled quality.

From the smallest spring to our sustainably sourced materials, constant innovation in our products and processes drives our ambition to change the way the world sleeps.


We deliver a standard of service which matches the quality and attention to detail of the products we produce.

Anyone engaging with Harrison Spinks will find us unfailingly open and helpful in every respect.

We are your partner in guiding you to the right product and to a great night’s sleep.


In our industry and in the world at large, our reputation is that of a leading, global business.

We are proud to be the experts in our field from innovative R&D to detailed hand stitching.

We work tirelessly to ensure that this is reflected in the quality of everything we do.


Everything we deliver gives our customers an amazing story to tell about the luxury and comfort of their purchase.

It also gives incredible reassurance that their decision is the right one for the planet.

We are leaders in sustainable comfort and innovation.

Our home-grown beds provide a safer, healthier and more natural night’s sleep so our customers can rest easy.


Every single part of every single Harrison Spinks product is the result of good honest craftsmanship, a tradition passed down through our family for five generations.

Bringing new thinking to old techniques means that we do things properly.

Perhaps it’s down to our Yorkshire heritage – because our customers get nothing but the best and we always deliver on our promises.

What we offer

  • Your own dedicated Area Sales Manager
  • In-store training, including access to our virtual reality farm and factory tours
  • Bespoke point of sale solutions
  • Training immersion opportunities at manufacturing site in Leeds, including an overnight stay at Hornington Manor on the Harrison Spinks farm, guaranteed to see sales increases when your staff return to store
  • Excellent sales and customer service support from our team based at our Innovation Centre
  • Access to Harrison Spinks online retailer portal, tailored to your in-store offering
  • Harrison Spinks in-house graphics department can assist with local advertising opportunities, price tickets, brochure requests etc
  • Listed as an approved Harrison Spinks bed expert on our website
  • In-store enquiries driven from our new Harrison Spinks direct to consumer brand awareness building campaign, due to launch Boxing Day 2018
  • Opportunity to grow with Harrison Spinks to achieve Premier Retailer status

Trade shows

You can find Harrison Spinks exhibiting at the following trade shows throughout the year where we showcase our latest range developments, fabrics, headboards, divans and innovations:

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Interested in becoming a retailer?

Get in touch and we’ll pass you on the right person to help you out as quickly as possible.

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